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Caballo nervioso: causas y cómo ayudarlo

Nervous horse: causes and how to help

The horse is an animal that can reach high levels of stress. We tell you how to calm a nervous horse.

Your horse never fails you, until the day of a competition arrives and is blocked. You get ready to travel with him and does not want to leave his box, or you're going to tie it and begins to neigh as if there were no tomorrow. It is an animal whose nervousness is due to various reasons that we help you to solve in the most effective way.

Lack of exercise

A horse that has long been without exercise will be more scared than usual when you get ready to train. The problem in this situation is not related to the temperament of the horsebut with the lack of letting him work freely, which is why the first time you go back out you should let him run freely to relax.


The horse is an animal used to flee throughout its history because of its great instinct, which remains to this day. The horse will always will always react in a frightened way to meet an unfamiliar object or person, and is one of the causes that makes horses nervous, so you have to get used to these "surprises. A good option is to give him a rewardfor example, a couple of carrots. If you shake the bag when you give him the carrots, the horse will associate this sound with something positive.

Nervous just because

If your horse is nervous by nature and you no longer know what to do, you can always buy feed supplements that act on its nervous system. These products are rich in magnesium and tryptophan, which have calming effects on the animal.

Before panicking, analyze the reasons why your horse may be nervous, apply the above tips and has the best allies.

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