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golpe de calor en caballos

Summer heat stroke in horses: tips on how to prevent it

High temperatures can be devastating for your horse's health, especially after heat stroke. We tell you how to prevent dehydration of a horse in summer.

The average temperature of a horse is 37 or 38 ºCso it is an animal prepared for the heat as long as you have shade, water and rest. However, the heat can be harmful to the horse if you have to compete or train under high temperatures or a heat wave.

Symptoms of heat stroke in the horse

  • Rapid breathing: the horse tries to reduce the heat by lung ventilation, which is little noticeable at first. His breathing in these cases does not occur through the mouth and nasal ventilation is very ineffective.
  • High sweating: is an effective system to lower the temperature but if it is extreme sweating, the horse can become dehydrated.
  • Manifests tremors and muscle cramps.
  • His movements are very slow and has little ability to react.
  • High body temperature: You can compare it with its normal temperature using a rectal thermometer.

How to prevent a heat wave in the horse

  • Check that the automatic waterers are full. If you are not constantly in the stable, use 2 water troughs so that the horse has water at all times. Bear in mind that a horse can drink up to 6 litres of water per 100 kg of weight per day..
  • Allow your horse to the horse to drink water during exercise. The ideal is to walk with him after exercise and gradually bring it closer to the water bucket and then move it again.
  • Work with your horse in the cooler hours of the day and in the shade.. In fact, having shaded areas in the pasture area is extremely important.
  • Apply water to his limbs, neck and chest after exercise. after exercise. You can even bathe the whole dog.

If you can not avoid heat stroke in your horse, we recommend calling the vet as soon as possible and wait while you spray cold water to the horse in the shade.

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