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Cómo limpiar a tu caballo después de montar: ¡la guía definitiva!

How to clean your horse after riding: the ultimate guide!

Cleaning the horse is a ritual that allows the bond between the animal and the owner to intertwine. We tell you how to clean your horse after riding to make this happen.

The horse can be a fearful animal at first and not have enough confidence with the rider. This is the main reason why we must establish a bond with the animal through maintenanceBesides other obvious reasons such as eliminating possible parasites and bacteria. Do not miss the following steps to get that moment is quiet and encourage that link:

  • Tie the horse: do it directly in the area designated for cleaning the animals, as it will be the one with hoses.

  • Remove mud and manure: use a root brush and bruzas and apply them with circular movements avoiding the area of the head and legs. This trick helps to untangle the hair of the horse and remove debris.

  • Carefully take care of the time of bathing: if the horse is full of mud, we recommend starting by pouring water on his legs if it is winter, while in summer we can spray his whole body first. It is essential to wash his legs well to get cool the tendons and that the animal relaxes after the effort made to avoid injury. If you wet the horse completely, we recommend using a limpiiasudor to drain the water well.

limpieza cascos de caballo

  • Apply special shampoo for horses: After the first bath, apply warm water to soften the dirt and apply the special shampoo in circles to create a lather. Take care to clean the mane carefully and finish with a rinse to remove the soap residue from the top of the horse to the legs. You can also use a sponge for the face area and another one for the genitals.

  • Clean the hooves: This maintenance is essential for the health of the animal and should be done before and after riding. Clean the accumulated dirt and manure with water.and any objects that may have become stuck in the hooves. As an extra, apply grease to reinforce and strengthen the hooves.

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