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Tipos de sillas de montar y consejos para elegirla

Types of saddles and tips on how to choose a saddle

There are different types of saddles for horses depending on the activity you do. Choose between the following types of saddles and the different tips to choose according to the mode.

Choosing the best saddle is not based on the one you like the most, but rather on the one that is the one that is best suited to your riding based on its specific characteristics.. Riding for beginners requires an English saddle, simpler, while jumping, long rides or enduro require other types of saddles for horses much more specialized. We analyze each saddle for riding depending on the discipline:

Spanish saddle

This type of saddle is ideal for long rides and outdoor activities, including herding cattle. A comfortable saddle with a wide seat that allows the rider to that allows the rider to spend hours and hours on horseback.Its large stirrups and the length of the saddle stirrups stand out.

Western saddle

The saddle that would have delighted John Wayne is less wide than the less wide than the Spanish saddle but it has a large front bridle.. The buckle is designed to be able to lasso cattle in the field and tie them to the saddle. The stirrups have more support, but less than in the Spanish saddle.

Australian saddle

This saddle is similar to the cowboy saddle, although the front rim is not as big and the depth of the seat is greater. It is a saddle designed for shepherdingespecially sheep as in its native Australia, and has stirrups similar to the cowboy saddle.

English saddle

It is the most traditional saddle and the most recurrent, as it is comfortable, versatile and adapts to comfortable, versatile and adaptable to all. The seat is shallow and contains small sized stirrups, making it a light and practical saddle. In short, it is the most classic saddle.

Classic dressage saddle

A saddle similar to the English saddle, but with a wider seat and a wider seat and its wide flaps.. Its functions are designed to allow the rider to carry a more extended leg if the discipline requires a more advanced position.

Jumping saddle

A very light saddle with a forward protruding flap, so that the rider can get a better grip on the horse during jumping, a more intense discipline. during jumping, a more intense discipline.

Enduro saddle

It is the most peculiar of all saddle and is usually made of synthetic material, being small and light. It has a large front and an even larger rear buckle and features that make it very ergonomic. very ergonomic.

Horsewoman's saddle

The horsewoman's saddle is very peculiar and rarely seen. It is a saddle designed to carry the two legs to the left side and you can find it in several adaptations: Spanish, cowboy or English type, among others.

And now... do you know what type of saddle is the one that best suits you?

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