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Groomfy Horse Shampoo

Pelo soft and shiny hair. Compra nuestro champú para caballos e brighten the hair of your horses, remove any kind of manure stain, clean the skin and moisturize in depth. En definitiva, este shampoo para caballos es todo lo que necesitas para mantener la higiene de estos magníficos animales.

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¿Qué hace especial al Horse shampoo?

Groomfy's shampoo brings out the best in all types of coats, brightening light-coloured coats and enhancing the highlights of dark-coloured coats. It also nutre el pelo en profundidad y deja una piel limpia e hidratada, lo que se nota en el aspecto del animal, que queda suave y brillante

Para acentuar este efecto, utilizamos optical brighteners that reflect light from the hair,which accentuates the natural shine of the coat. All thanks to a mild formula made in Spain that contains lanolin, panthenol, hydrolysed silk and hydrokeratin.

Characteristics of horse shampoo

Brightens up the light-colored layers

Enhances highlights on dark coloured coats

Concentrated formula, many more washes

Great stain remover: easily removes even the worst yellow manure stains.

Great for dogs too!

PrecautionsFor animal use only. Always avoid contact with the eyes and mucous areas of the horse. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do not ingest.

Tensioactivos aniónicos, anfóteros y no iónicos, lanolina, pantenol, hidrolizado de seda, hidroqueratina, activos acondicionadores, perfume, quelante, colorante y conservante.

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