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Groomfy clay for horses

The natural anti-inflammatory for after exercise. Recovery is just as important as exercise. Relaja los músculos, tendones y articulaciones de tu caballo, that are tense after a training session with our Groomfy clay.

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¿Qué hace especial la clay for horses special?

La utilización de la greda Groomfy en la rutina diaria de tu caballo tras el entrenamiento, afecta a su calidad de vida, guaranteeing proper rest para que esté siempre en plena forma.

Además, the recipe of our Groomfy clay is unique. Junto a los ingredientes habituales de esta arcilla, hemos añadido aceite esencial de menta piperita 100% natural, que aporta frescor y es un antiinflamatorio muy eficaz.

Characteristics of Groomfy clay for horses

Natural ingredients

It cools and relaxes muscles and tendons

Elimina el líquido sinovial de las articulaciones.

It facilitates recovery

Afecta de forma positiva en su rendimiento.

It promotes horse wellbeing

Our clay is made from kaolin and bentonite (naturally rich in minerals with a high anti-inflammatory and calming capacity), linseed vegetable oil (in order to moisturise the joints and increase the time that the clay remains moist for), glycerine and peppermint essential oil (which provides coolness and has anti-inflammatory properties).

Precauciones: the product is only suitable for horses and for topical use. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep the container closed in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight. Liquid may accumulate on the surface due to temperature changes, but under no circumstances does this affect the quality and effectiveness of Groomfy clay.

Try our Groomfy clay and speed up the recovery of your horse after exercise.

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