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Groomfy is a brand developed by Ryde Technologies, a startup studio focused on the creation and launch of new digital products and services within the equestrian sector.

Since we are always connected, why not also buy online the basic products for your stable?

Nowadays, we can buy just about anything on the internet, so why not buy your stable staples too?

We offer a fair price by reducing our costs with a subscription model that will focus on making your life easier: we'll deliver it to your stable door and?

You won't even have to remember when to order them again!

Our subscription is super flexible: Order and receive it when and where you want.

Forget about having to travel or wait to go to an event to buy the basic products you use every day in the stable, such as soap, shampoo or horsehair and tail conditioner.

You won't have to worry about reordering them when you run out: choose the quantity you need, the subscription that best suits your needs and we'll make sure it gets to where you indicate, and we'll send it to you for FREE!!!

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