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Repair Cream - 100ml

Repair Cream - 100ml

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Treat the wounds of your pet with our instant action formula that helps the skin to heal, soothes irritation and acts as a barrier against germs, insects and water.

Because you care about their health: the healing cream that returns the skin of your friend to its natural state.

The skin of your pet is very sensitive and is exposed to several injuries caused by: grazes or abrasions on the skin, wounds due to bites, sores or eczema, depigmentation, cracking, insect bites... The list is long, that is why Groomfy has an ally to restore the health of your pet´s skin and its natural glossiness: our healing cream.

Thanks to its meticulous composition, it acts immediately on the skin wounds of your pet until they heal properly. And not only that, in addition to its reparative and regenerative properties, it prevents possible injections by protecting their skin from external aggressions and by acting as an insect repellent.


● Natural ingredients.
● Instant action.
● It heals, repairs and regenerates the skin injuries of your horse.
● Insect repellent.
● Barrier against germs.

Precautions: for animal use only. Always avoid contact with the eyes and mucous areas of the horse. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do not ingest.


86% natural ingredients. Our formula is made from water, zinc oxide (an essential mineral for skin repair through the synthesis of collagen and proteins), vitamin A, E and lanolin (necessary to regenerate and soften skin), olive oil, rosehip and aloe vera (with moisturising and regenerative properties), essential oil of eucalyptus and lemon which are insect repellents, and natural bee wax (which creates a protective barrier against external agents). Nothing more, nothing less.

How tu use

Clean the area of skin affected with warm water and using a clean cloth. Ensure that you have washed your hands or use gloves. Apply the Groomfy reparative cream 1-2 times a day with a gentle massage to facilitate its absorption.